TIme Management

    Time management, from day one of high school I was getting that term shoved down my throat. I know it is quite important to have time management but it is hard to know what time I need to manage is all. I do a lot, I really do. It is hard for me sometimes though to do all I do. Lately all the things I do in my spare time have slowly been catching up with me and that isn’t good.

  Between doing theater with school, doing theater with things out side of school, helping volunteer with various things, try to find a job, help friends out, and even having a social life there is always something that is often put last in my priorities for when it comes to managing my time. That last thing is school. I know any of you who are reading this now are looking down on me going, ” what a fool for not putting school first.” Well I cannot help that. I do my best in school, really I do, but it is just so hard to get through it when all it’s about is giving you numbers to determine your future and that sucks. That though is a rant for another time. Anyway back on topic, I do a lot of extra activities and unfortunately with the way my first quarter grades panned out, I will have to be getting rid of a few and choosing more wisely how to manage my time. It is hard when I realize I can’t do it all. I cannot act, help out, and do just everything I want to and not get acceptable grades in school, unfortunately I am learning that hard way. People tell me all the time “Oh don’t worry pal, you only determine your future.” But do I? I mean I want to get into a good college to great things, but I cannot do that without good school grades, even though put me in the real business world with some training id do better than half those stupid ceos. I’m sorry if this blog post turned out to be more of  a rant, but basis of the story is that it’s about time I set some things straight priority wise. I mean all you guys that I talk to regularly help out with stuff and what not, I wont put you behind me don’t worry, in all honesty it just sucks when you have to start putting things out there for you, and not for others. No not being selfish, just smart, for now. So I apologize if some of my activities start to slowly go away, and my social life kind of disappears for a bit, but it is a struggle I have to pull through. I am not 11 anymore when I am able to run around work on four different shows in one summer, help volunteer at things, hang out with friends, and still get good grades. It’s about time I start taking a new perspective on things, I know it will suck and I won’t like it, but it must be done. Sorry for those who read these and are not pleased with this post, but it was one thing I just had to write about, which I could have written about it a little better, but you get the gist. Also if you care to share any input on my blog ever, shoot me an email or comment on the link on facebook. Anyway guys, been a long day have some things to think about. Remember kids, time management, It’s about time I figure this out. 


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