My Past Week

Yes, My last week has been a story in its own, and that is why I choose to share it with you. Well last week was tech week for Rosary’s High School show, Bye Bye Birdie. It was quite the journey. Starting off the week we had some fun times. We all had to get used to some new things last minute things being pulled together but we did it, we really did it. One thing I look forward to each tech week with these shows are the Secret Santa thing we do every time. For those who don’t know what that is, we all pick randomly a name from a hat, the name is from someone in the cast for the show. With this name, you anonymously each day buy and give your person a small gift and note to help them make it through tech week. This year I had a freshmen girl, Olivia to get gifts for. When the big reveal came around she was so thankful and was shocked it was me who had her. Getting people creative things are always fun! On the other side of the spectrum though I had a great Secret Santa! My gifts consisted of, a good sized bag of cheese popcorn, a liter of sweet tea, some gum and tick tacs, and lastly the best notebook ever! To describe this notebook, it is on the cover, the modern day hipster version of famous writers; we have hipster Bill Shakespeare, Hipster Emily Dickinson, Hipster Ed Poe, and Hipster Mark Twain. This notebook is just phenomenal. So when I was looking at it the other day I decided that I will use it for the greatest idea yet, My life philosophies and views will now be written down! One day people will read these thongs and I will be enlightening many. Or that’s the hope at least. Anyway it was the best secret santa gifts yet! When I finally found out who it was, I was not shocked with who it was. I mean Alyssa, a junior at rosary, knew me too well and of course I should’ve guessed her right off the bat from all the Shakespeare insult quotes. So yes that part was quite amazing!

Next up on tech week was defiantly the Thursday of tech week. This was quite the day I tell you. We had double duty when working for the show. We had to put on a kids show for kids in the morning and that was fun, well for the 13 kids that came that is. They seemed to love us though because when it came to the Q and A part of the show they asked some solid question. Boy was that a fun time. Next that day came lunch break for before we had to go back to Marmion to finish the day of school. For lunch, to be inexpensive, Jack, John, and I went back to John’s house for lunch. We didn’t have much time, so we popped in two pizzas and waited. Waiting wasn’t the best idea actually. We had about ten minutes to get to Marmion so we took the pizzas out and cut it as fast as we could. Now the pizza was cooked, but it wasn’t cooked. We had to run fast, the pizza was warm but it wasn’t to warm just cooked, let’s leave it at that. After we cut the pizzas up, we discovered that there was only one clean plate, so we had to shove everything onto that one plate, run to the car and eat while we were on the road. So while we were eating pizza, making good time we were suddenly stopped by a man in the street. No seriously he stopped us in the middle of the street just so he could get a truck to pull into a drive. Gosh that set us back, anyway we got to school a little later then we needed to but it was all good. After we finished up school, we went back to  John’s to get ready for our show that night. The show that night was a cool show, we performed for some special needs people and they seemed to have loved the show! Anyway that was wild.

Overall the shows when we opened and finally performed for audiences where great! We got tons of stuff done and tons of laughs the people seemed to laugh it, and I mean heck, I loved it to! I had so much fun adventuring with so many people, last show for the seniors at rosary, bummer but that’s ok they will all go on and do great things especially my pal Jack Stover, he was the spotlight man this week! Let’s just say he is the underdog who I look up to and admire, great guy, so kudos to you Jack!


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