My Trip to Germany…Well not Really

Hello all! So as you can see I have made myself believe that I traveled to Germany, well, not really. You see on black Friday many people go shopping for gizmos and gadgets for cheap prices, well not me. You see, I was invited by Emily my girlfriend, to go to Chicago with her and Jill and her family. This was surely an adventure because I was taken to Christkindl Market in Chicago. I met Emily and Jill at Marmion around 12:30. We then traveled back to Emily’s to pick up her brother and dad. From then on it was off to the races for us! First stop was the Bartlett train station where we picked up the train. Man was that a fun time, everyone layered up to make sure they stayed warm, all because it was freezing standing outside in the open since the train station hadn’t opened yet. Oh well, it was honestly fine. After making fun of the automated train voice telling us that the 1:30 inbound train will be there in “2 minutes” we finally saw the train arriving and hopped on board. The ride wasn’t to long, but it took me through places I haven’t been before it was pretty cool seeing a different side of things. You know fun fact about myself is that train travel is my preferred way of traveling. Anyway back on subject it was a fun train ride there, we passed places like Elmwood Park and Itasca.

So here we are we arrive in the city and we have to walk a few blocks to get to the festival, no big deal I enjoyed walking. Once we got to the festival we went to find Emily’s family and met with them for a bit until Emily myself and Jill ran off to explore this market for our own. Honestly, all I found at the market was a lot of ornaments and food. Just kidding there was a really nice wool hat place where I actually bought myself a hat! That wasn’t until the end of the market though, so yeah! Well as we wandered around we took pictures around the Christmas Tree, and the Menorah! Boy oh boy was that a fun time. Not going to lie I did enjoy the things we found there. I bought some original German made Gummy Bears, that wool hat, and even some hot chocolate to warm the cold soul. It really was a nice time I met some great people had a lot of fun and yeah it sure was cool. After the market though we all decided to get dinner so we walked down to this café on a corner, which of course it was closed. So of course the next choice was Jimmy Johns! Don’t get your hopes up though kids, this was the first time ever that I have been upset by Jimmy Johns…They didn’t have enough bread for everyone to have sandwiches! You would figure that in a place that is a sandwich shop that you would get better then that! So half of the party had to go get subs from Mr. Sub instead. Oh well after the disappointing trip to Jimmy Johns, we all said our last goodbyes and headed for the train ride home. I have to say it was  great time in this German like place.

On the train ride home something went wrong with the generator and we ended up riding home in a lightly lit, ok no it was dark, train. I don’t mind that though it was peaceful. Jill Emily Tom and I all had some good conversations on the way back, but we could all tell that it had been a long day everyone seemed a bit tired, but no big deal because we were all happy! So yes folks, as much as you and I both wish I actually went to Germany, I did not, but hey, this was a close second.


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