2014 and What is to Come of it

    Why hello again. I hope you all had a wonderful end of the year 2013 I have heard so many mixed things about it, from it being good, to it being very bad. Over all I see both sides but that isn’t what we are going to focus on, what this blog is about is the future and what is to come! The past is the past keep looking forwards my friends, we cat change it, but we can take something out of it to guide us in what is to come! Anyway away from the I think what I know what I’m talking about B.S. Let’s get into the real stuff, this upcoming year.

     We all have a new year resolution, whether it be eating more jelly beans, or be a better person, or even just go running more often we all have one. Me I have some, but I see them more as long term goals, I don’t care if that is cheating the system but it is my life so I will roll how I free. So as for my new years resolutions let me start with the one I plan to tackle most. You see, I love film, music, and literature, problem is though I am not as well rounded in each of these topics as I’d like to be. I plan this year to star collecting and adding to my Film collection and just my film knowledge. Every month I plan to at least watch 4 new movies and be familiar with them, this way I can talk with educated folk who are more of enthusiasts in this topic then myself.

    Music, oh boy this is what I am most excited for. I love music and always will love music, it is just something that I feel we can all connect with, that is why if I round myself with all types of music I should hopefully be able to get along and relate to many more people through a common interest, music. That also opens the gates of reading into the music itself as in the message it is trying to get across or just the pure or utter enjoyment of that piece, either way it will be an eye opener to lots of things. I recently have acquired multiple cd holders, multiple cd sleeves, multiple blank CDs, and of course a blank library to put all this music into. I feel that I can slowly become my own artist when my library expands. I can start to burn music onto CDs and share them with friends and family. Call it lame or out of date, I don’t give a darn, I feel like it is cool and that you can do a lot of cool things with that so I’m gonna do it.

    Lastly, literature. I am very ashamed of this actually. Ever since I started high school, my obsession towards literature has gone down, and I honesty don’t know why! I have not had time to read as much as I used to, heck to help you understand how much I read and how well I was able to read, let’s just say by fifth grade Uncle Tom’s Cabin had come into my possession. No joke! I didn’t fully understand it, but a few years later when I reread it, I got it all! Then let’s just also say it may have taken me all of 7th grade year to read it, but I successfully read War and Peace. It is to this day one of the best books I have ever read. And I will stop there, but I could keep going, I have read a bunch, but come high school, that disappeared. That is why this year I am planning to read more and more, I don’t care if I read smaller books and not as meaningful, but I will read. I am not an illiterate child! Therefore This upcoming year I plan to tackle reading more books, unfortunately the library will be no help to me for my card has been annulled, oh well that doesn’t stop me, I shall find a way, I always find a way!

   Next up the more of a long term goals that I set up this year. I will just put these as a list to make it easier for all of us.

1. Get a job to pay for college

2. Look more into colleges and have a clearer idea then last year about college

3. Start tackling things on my bucket list i.e. (Successfully plan organize and execute a flash mob)

4. Do more in the community

5. Start ideas for campaigning for Village President of Oswego

   Well there you have it, I am coming at you 2014 and you better be ready when I get there that is all I have to say about it.