The Rosary Sweatshirt

I have a new sweatshirt, and I am quite proud of it to be honest. It is a Rosary high school sweatshirt Marmion’s sister school. Something you should know is that most Rosary girls own a Marmion sweatshirt, but I am pretty confident that only 1 Marmion student items a Rosary sweatshirt, and that would be me! You have no idea how many reactions I have gotten from people who see me with the sweatshirt! Many of thee Rosary girls I know appreciate seeing me with it. They see that I support the brother sisterhood unlike the majority of guys at Marmion. Now I’m not hating on my brothers because they’re awesome, but they lack in support for our sister school. Another reaction I have gotten is from a nun who stopped me in target to tell me she loved the fact I was wearing the sweatshirt! Thank you strange nun! ūüôā lastly I got asked by a freshmen at Rosary if I worked at Rosary…. Really!?!?!? I’m sixteen! In all honesty I’m surprised people don’t just assume I’m a guy supporting Rosary apparently me wearing this sweatshirt is wrong or unusual, but I don’t care! This is my small step, hopefully others will follow along, oh and as a side note they’re super comfy ūüôā¬† all my Rosary sisters out there, you’ve got my support!


2014 and What is to Come of it

¬†¬†¬† Why hello again. I hope you all had a wonderful end of the year 2013 I have heard so many mixed things about it, from it being good, to it being very bad. Over all I see both sides but that isn’t what we are going to focus on, what this blog is about is the future and what is to come! The past is the past keep looking forwards my friends, we cat change it, but we can take something out of it to guide us in what is to come! Anyway away from the I think what I know what I’m talking about B.S.¬†Let’s get into the real stuff, this¬†upcoming year.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†We all¬†have a new year resolution, whether it be eating more jelly beans, or be a better person, or even just go running more often we all have one. Me I have some, but I see them more as long term goals, I don’t care if that is cheating the system but¬†it is my life so I¬†will roll how I free. So as for my new years resolutions let¬†me start with the one I plan to tackle most. You see, I love¬†film, music, and literature, problem is though I am not as well rounded in each of these topics as I’d like to be. I plan this year to star collecting and adding to my¬†Film collection and just my film knowledge. Every month I plan¬†to at least watch 4 new movies and be familiar with them, this way I can talk with educated folk who are more of enthusiasts in this topic then myself.

¬†¬†¬† Music, oh boy this is what I am most excited for. I love music and always will love music, it is just something that I feel we can all connect with, that is why if I round myself with all types of music I should hopefully be able to get along and relate to many more people through a common interest, music. That also opens the gates of reading into the music itself as in the message it is trying to get across or just the pure or utter enjoyment of that piece, either way it will be an eye opener to lots of things. I recently have acquired multiple cd holders, multiple cd sleeves, multiple blank CDs, and of course a blank library to put all this music into. I feel that I can slowly become my own artist when my library expands. I can start to burn music onto CDs and share them with friends and family. Call it lame or out of date, I don’t give a darn, I feel like it is cool and that you can do a lot of cool things with that so I’m gonna do it.

¬†¬†¬† Lastly, literature. I am very ashamed of this actually. Ever since I started high school, my obsession towards literature has gone down, and I honesty don’t know why! I have not had time to read as much as I used to, heck to help you understand how much I read and how well I was able to read, let’s just say by fifth grade Uncle Tom’s Cabin had come into my possession. No¬†joke! I didn’t fully understand it,¬†but a few years later when I reread it, I got it¬†all! Then let’s just also say it may have taken me all of 7th grade year to read it, but I successfully read War and Peace. It is to this day one of the best books I have ever read. And I¬†will stop there, but I could keep going, I have read a bunch, but come high school, that disappeared. That is why this year I am planning to read more and more, I don’t care if¬†I¬†read¬†smaller books and¬†not as meaningful, but I will read. I am not an illiterate child! Therefore This upcoming¬†year I plan to tackle reading more books, unfortunately the library will be no help to me for my card has been annulled, oh well that doesn’t stop me, I shall find a way, I always find a way!

   Next up the more of a long term goals that I set up this year. I will just put these as a list to make it easier for all of us.

1. Get a job to pay for college

2. Look more into colleges and have a clearer idea then last year about college

3. Start tackling things on my bucket list i.e. (Successfully plan organize and execute a flash mob)

4. Do more in the community

5. Start ideas for campaigning for Village President of Oswego

   Well there you have it, I am coming at you 2014 and you better be ready when I get there that is all I have to say about it.  


My Trip to Germany…Well not Really

Hello all! So as you can see I have made myself believe that I traveled to Germany, well, not really. You see on black Friday many people go shopping for gizmos and gadgets for cheap prices, well not me. You see, I was invited by Emily my girlfriend, to go to Chicago with her and Jill and her family. This was surely an adventure because I was taken to Christkindl Market in Chicago. I met Emily and Jill at Marmion around 12:30. We then traveled back to Emily’s to pick up her brother and dad. From then on it was off to the races for us! First stop was the Bartlett train station where we picked up the train. Man was that a fun time, everyone layered up to make sure they stayed warm, all because it was freezing standing outside in the open since the train station hadn’t opened yet. Oh well, it was honestly fine. After making fun of the automated train voice telling us that the 1:30 inbound train will be there in “2 minutes” we finally saw the train arriving and hopped on board. The ride wasn’t to long, but it took me through places I haven’t been before it was pretty cool seeing a different side of things. You know fun fact about myself is that train travel is my preferred way of traveling. Anyway back on subject it was a fun train ride there, we passed places like Elmwood Park and Itasca.

So here we are we arrive in the city and we have to walk a few blocks to get to the festival, no big deal I enjoyed walking. Once we got to the festival we went to find Emily’s family and met with them for a bit until Emily myself and Jill ran off to explore this market for our own. Honestly, all I found at the market was a lot of ornaments and food. Just kidding there was a really nice wool hat place where I actually bought myself a hat! That wasn’t until the end of the market though, so yeah! Well as we wandered around we took pictures around the Christmas Tree, and the Menorah! Boy oh boy was that a fun time. Not going to lie I did enjoy the things we found there. I¬†bought some original¬†German made Gummy Bears, that wool hat, and even some hot chocolate to warm the cold soul.¬†It really was a nice time I met some great people had a lot of fun and yeah it sure was cool. After the market though we all decided to get dinner so we walked down to this caf√© on a corner, which of course it was closed. So of course the next choice was Jimmy Johns! Don’t get your hopes up though kids, this was the first time ever that I have been upset by Jimmy Johns…They didn’t have enough bread for everyone to have sandwiches! You would figure that in a place that is a sandwich shop that you would get better then that! So half of the party had to go get subs from Mr. Sub instead. Oh well after the disappointing trip to Jimmy Johns,¬†we all said our last goodbyes and headed for the train ride home. I have to say it was¬† great time in this German like place.

On the train ride home something went wrong with the generator and we ended up riding home in a lightly lit, ok no it was dark, train. I don’t mind that though it was peaceful. Jill Emily Tom and I all had some good conversations on the way back, but we could all tell that it had been a long day everyone seemed a bit tired, but no big deal because we were all happy! So yes folks, as much as you and I both wish I actually went to Germany, I did not, but hey, this was a close second.

My Past Week

Yes, My last week has been a story in its own, and that is why I choose to share it with you. Well last week was tech week for Rosary’s High School show, Bye Bye Birdie. It was quite the journey. Starting off the week we had some fun times. We all had to get used to some new things last minute things being pulled together but we did it, we really did it. One thing I look forward to each tech week with these shows are the Secret Santa thing we do every time. For those who don’t know what that is, we all pick randomly a name from a hat, the name is from someone in the cast for the show. With this name, you anonymously each day buy and give your person a small gift and note to help them make it through tech week. This year I had a freshmen girl, Olivia to get gifts for. When the big reveal came around she was so thankful and was shocked it was me who had her. Getting people creative things are always fun! On the other side of the spectrum though I had a great Secret Santa! My gifts consisted of, a good sized bag of cheese popcorn, a liter of sweet tea, some gum and tick tacs, and lastly the best notebook ever! To describe this notebook, it is on the cover, the modern day hipster version of famous writers; we have hipster Bill Shakespeare, Hipster Emily Dickinson, Hipster Ed Poe, and Hipster Mark Twain. This notebook is just phenomenal. So when I was looking at it the other day I decided that I will use it for the greatest idea yet, My life philosophies and views will now be written down! One day people will read these thongs and I will be enlightening many. Or that’s the hope at least. Anyway it was the best secret santa gifts yet! When I finally found out who it was, I was not shocked with who it was. I mean Alyssa, a junior at rosary, knew me too well and of course I should’ve guessed her right off the bat from all the Shakespeare insult quotes. So yes that part was quite amazing!

Next up on tech week was defiantly the Thursday of tech week. This was quite the day I tell you. We had double duty when working for the show. We had to put on a kids show for kids in the morning and that was fun, well for the 13 kids that came that is. They seemed to love us though because when it came to the Q and A part of the show they asked some solid question. Boy was that a fun time. Next that day came lunch break for before we had to go back to Marmion to finish the day of school. For lunch, to be inexpensive, Jack, John, and I went back to John’s house for lunch. We didn’t have much time, so we popped in two pizzas and waited. Waiting wasn’t the best idea actually. We had about ten minutes to get to Marmion so we took the pizzas out and cut it as fast as we could. Now the pizza was cooked, but it wasn’t cooked. We had to run fast, the pizza was warm but it wasn’t to warm just cooked, let’s leave it at that. After we cut the pizzas up, we discovered that there was only one clean plate, so we had to shove everything onto that one plate, run to the car and eat while we were on the road. So while we were eating pizza, making good time we were suddenly stopped by a man in the street. No seriously he stopped us in the middle of the street just so he could get a truck to pull into a drive. Gosh that set us back, anyway we got to school a little later then we needed to but it was all good. After we finished up school, we went back to  John’s to get ready for our show that night. The show that night was a cool show, we performed for some special needs people and they seemed to have loved the show! Anyway that was wild.

Overall the shows when we opened and finally performed for audiences where great! We got tons of stuff done and tons of laughs the people seemed to laugh it, and I mean heck, I loved it to! I had so much fun adventuring with so many people, last show for the seniors at rosary, bummer but that’s ok they will all go on and do great things especially my pal Jack Stover, he was the spotlight man this week! Let’s just say he is the underdog who I look up to and admire, great guy, so kudos to you Jack!

A Look into my world

Me: How would you feel if I drowned in a river?

Emily: No, please don’t, that would be bad.

Me: What if I drowned in a river and reincarnated as a griffin and I would fly to your bedroom window, would you befriend me or no?

Emily: You can do that!?

Yes, my girlfriend and I do have conversations like that. Well as I said this will be a quick look into my world, because I have a bit to share. Anyway to start it off I think you should all know about the adventures of Trunk Man. Trunk man is a nickname I got myself when I went out one day on an adventure with the Prius Crew. The Prius crew consists of me, Emily, and Sarah (mainly because it is Sara’s Prius.) Anyway Prius are very roomy believe it or not, especially in their trunks. Day after day when we would have Prius parties I would chill in her trunk and just enjoy the space provided. There is more to the story though, whenever we went riding in her Prius I would always ask to ride in her trunk and she never let me ride there, until the other day that is. It wasn’t a long trip in her trunk, and I did have to duck down and hide, but It was so worth it, hence the name, trunk man.

Now with a name like that, you have to adapt a character out of that and give him traits and talents. When I saw this opportunity to show some hidden talents, I jumped at it immediately. For example this man is now Trunk man “The Braider” That is right, I am a master braider believe it or not kids! I started out rough, but after a while things got better and I Even mastered some funky different unique braids!

Now that the quick story of Trunk Man is on the table, let us move onto a more serious topic. About 3 months ago I saw a little add saying, “Amateur Poetry¬†Contest” So of course I¬†send in one of my writings that I had from the past. A few months pass by and I Forget all about the silly contest, next thing I know a letter comes in the mail. I chose to ignore this letter¬†when it first came in, thinking it was from college trying to recruit me or something. TO my surprise though, it was a letter from a publisher who sponsors the contest. The Letter was opened by me the¬†next day in English class where I had to hold in my screams of joy when I read the words ” Congratulations Ben, we are sending you this to inform you that your poem has made¬†it into the Semi Finals of the contests. With this you should know that your poem will be published in our next¬†upcoming book. Thank you for your verses keep on writing…” I was speechless! I just was told¬†I was going to have some published work, isn’t that great!


Anyway, the night is getting long and I have been fighting a bit of a cough so goodnight all I hope you enjoyed a small look into my world.1375025_247392302082543_230032585_n


Ps: I did that braid!

TIme Management

¬†¬†¬† Time management, from day one of high school I was getting that term shoved down my throat. I know it is quite important to have time management but it is hard to know what time I need to manage is all. I do a lot, I really do. It is hard for me sometimes though to do all I do. Lately all the things I do in my spare time have slowly been catching up with me and that isn’t good.

¬† Between doing theater with school, doing theater with things out side of school, helping volunteer with various things, try to find a job, help friends out, and even having a social life there is always something that is often put last in my priorities for when it comes to managing my time. That last thing is school. I know any of you who are reading this now are looking down on me going, ” what a fool for not putting school first.” Well I cannot help that. I do my best in school, really I do, but it is just so hard to get through it when all it’s about is giving you numbers to determine your future and that sucks. That though is a rant for another time. Anyway back on topic, I do a lot of extra activities and unfortunately with the way my first quarter grades panned out, I will have to be getting rid of a few and choosing more wisely how to manage my time. It is hard when I realize I can’t do it all. I cannot act, help out, and do just everything I want to and not get acceptable grades in school, unfortunately I am learning that hard way. People tell me all the time “Oh don’t worry pal, you only determine your future.” But do I? I mean I want to get into a good college to great things, but I cannot do that without good school grades, even though put me in the real business world with some training id do better than half those stupid ceos. I’m sorry if this blog post turned out to be more of¬† a rant, but basis of the story is that it’s about time I set some things straight priority wise. I mean all you guys that I talk to regularly help out with stuff and what not, I wont put you behind me don’t worry, in all honesty it just sucks when you have to start putting things out there for you, and not for others. No not being selfish, just smart, for now. So I apologize if some of my activities start to slowly go away, and my social life kind of disappears for a bit, but it is a struggle I have to pull through. I am not 11 anymore when I am able to run around work on four different¬†shows in one summer,¬†help volunteer at things, hang out with friends, and still get good grades. It’s about time I start¬†taking a new perspective on things, I know it will suck and I won’t¬†like it, but it must be done. Sorry for those who read these and are not pleased with this post, but it was one thing I just had to write about, which I could have written about it a little better, but you get the gist. Also if you care to share any input on my blog ever, shoot me an¬†email or¬†comment on the link on facebook. Anyway guys, been a long day have some things¬†to think about. Remember kids, time management, It’s about time I figure this out.¬†

The Magic of Music

¬†¬†¬† Corny it sounds, yes, but in all honesty music is magic, or so it is to me. This last week I have gone on quite the adventure with music and I loved every stop I made along the way. In the start of the week I had tests in Geometry where our teacher lets us listen to music as we take the online tests. Most kids are either listening to rap, country, or some sort of heavy metal band. Not me though, nope, I am listening to Pandora. Yes good old Pandora. People seem to not like Pandora anymore and have moved on to things like iTunes radio or Spotifiy. Not me though, I am on my favorite Pandora station, the Dubliner’s station. This type of music cheers me up all the time; I love to listen to bands such as the FLogging Mollys sing “The likes of you” or listen to different variations of the song ” Irish Rover” sung by various musicians. What I like to hear most though is defiantly Fiddlers Green. That song brings back good memories from when I did the show Twelfth Night in 2011. It was¬†one of my first major roles playing Sebastian, and the work and effort put into¬†doing Shakespeare always makes me smile.¬†

¬†¬†¬†¬† You know how you can always find¬†a gem now and again in the music world, like a rare cd or a solo album no one remembers? Well this week was my break to find a gem. I happened to be moseying around the 5 dollar cd section at¬†Barns and Nobles the other day while my friend Sara was out searching for a new book in a serious which I will get to some other time. My Gem¬†I found was a CD called “Breakaway.” It is a gem I say because it is a solo album by the one and only, Art Garfunkel. You see, I happen to love¬†Simon and Garfunkel, so¬†coming across this instantly caught my attention. This album is very much different then his work with¬†his old companion Paul Simon. I actually happen to like the different stuff though. Art has a very unique voice that many musicians cannot¬†pull off let alone try to duplicate, that is why I love it so much. The Album itself is fantastic, I¬†was able to see the meaning in what he had to say and it was just tremendous, better to understand then the other CD I happened to have bought while I was there too.

¬†¬†¬†¬† I also purchased myself a Bob Dylan Cd, a very odd Bob Dylan Cd. The title for this one was “Self Portrait.” Now, I have listened to this album about twenty times now, and I still haven’t gotten to its meaning. I am not going to lie it is very odd and kind of caught me off guard for a Bob Dylan Cd. He has on this album multiple styles of singing and music. I have heard a somewhat country tone, a typical folk tone, and others that I’m not really sure what it is. Regardless to say it is a very good album. I might not understand it yet, but it is pretty solid and I hope to crack open its meaning soon.


¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Lastly, Music is magic because it really can do some real good in this world. This past week has been a little rough, long days, lots of work, and lot of stress. Luckily I have amazing friends who loved to talk about stuff and really help a guy out. As I was letting out some hot air to my friend Melody, she happened to listen and just be there and it was nice. What does this have to do with music you may ask? Well I am getting there, as I got home and checked my social media networks, there was a post on my Facebook wall from her. It was a song. I had never heard this song before but it really got a guys mood up.¬† The song is called “Brighter Days” by Eddie Kirkland. Take a listen for yourself when you are down, and then try to tell me Music isn’t magic. Until next time, I hope you are living bright days.

-Ben Colwell

The New Blogger in Town

Hello all. Ben Colwell here. Well as you can tell by the title of this post, I am the new guy blogging. A While ago I read a post of a fellow blogger, Brian Fauth. I have known Brian from when he has directed me in may past shows for the theater company I am involved with, Limelight. In his post he mentioned how Blogging is a dying thing. I mean I planned to help that a while back by getting a jump on this whole blogger thing, but my better side got to me, that’s right, the procrastination side. Don’t worry though, now that I am new to this whole blogger thing, I plan to stick to it. Honestly I find much joy in this, heck maybe I will even find myself a friend along the way, someone from another blog who expresses an interest in the tales to come. Oh yes, there are more tales to come. Believe it or not a lot of fun things go on in the life of this guy, and I plan to share it with those who might even show the slightest bit of interest in it. I know this post isn’t very long, but that’s ok, it is just the first stepping stone on the path of a blogger. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope it did enough to hook you on my writings. Until next time,

Ben Colwell

This picture is of me and Brian during a radio play version of "It's a Wonderful Life," a show we did with limelight in the past. My First radio play, hence the fact of the small child appearance.

This picture is of me and Brian during a radio play version of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” a show we did with limelight in the past. My First radio play, hence the fact of the small child appearance.